Michael Rood and Arthur Bailey Should Repent/Resign!

I find Michael Rood to be disgusting!

Do I find Michael Rood to be more disgusting than Jimmy Swaggert?  YES.

Do I find Michael Rood to be more disgusting than Jim Bakker?  YES.

Do I find Michael Rood to be more disgusting than Ted Haggard?  YES.

The 3 other sexual pervert “ministers” have a theological impairment so their minds are clouded because they do not know what The Gospel in the Bible actually is so they tend to disobey The Gospel.

Michael Rood, however, knows that The Gospel is YHVH’s LAW which YHVH gave to the Children of Israel and the definition of what The Gospel IS is found in Hebrews 4:2 and declares The Gospel was preached at Mt. Sinai.

And, despite fact Michael Rood knows THE LAW, he is ready and willing to BREAK THE LAW when he finds THE LAW inconvenient for his ministry.

I am speaking of the FACT that Michael Rood and his 501c3 slave to the government ministry has absolutely no problem in breaking The Sabbath of YHVH The Most High when it please Michael Rood to do so.

That is far more disgusting than the other 3 mentioned sexual perverts from theological Christianity!

When a “torah teacher” like Michael Rood knows THE LAW and knows Numbers 15:32-36 and knows it is a death penalty infraction for breaking The Sabbath of YHVH then WHY does he break it and lead tens of thousands of sincere followers to also break our Father’s Sabbath?

Michael Rood’s buddy, Arthur Bailey, who both came from Michigan to Charlotte, NC, the former home of Jim Bakker both agree to break The Sabbath of YHVH when it please them as they hold so-called Feast Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot gatherings.

I was told by Arthur Bailey that they gathered many teachers from many ministries and they all sat around a table and agreed that it was impossible for The Sabbath of YHVH to be kept during the Feast days in Jerusalem just because there were so many people present and the logistics make keeping The Sabbath of YHVH impossible, in their minds.

Their disobedient minds…

Their disobedient, greed and lust filled, evangelical, mission to the world, minds…

They are under the death penalty sentence of YHVH and should not be in ministry now and perhaps ever.

They are unrepentant.

I discussed this with both Michael Rood and Arthur Bailey and Michael Rood became hateful, cursing, and violent towards me and called his henchmen to throw me out of his hotel one Friday afternoon during Rood’s Passover event.  I was not attending the event but just dropped by to have a polite, private conversation with Michael Rood.

Things turned very violent very quickly as he cursed me and railed against me.

And all I wanted to achieve was Michael Rood coming into right Torah relationship with YHVH.

Deuteronomy 13 tells us clearly that false prophets/false teachers are those who do and say things to get us to break the Commandments of YHVH.  These 2 “torah teachers” have created their own little world where they get to decide which Commandments to keep and when to keep them.

It did not happen then and to this very day it has not happened as he continues to break The Sabbath of YHVH at every gathering they hold.

Shabbat Night Live is in no way a Holy Convocation and has no merit to even being broadcast on The Sabbath of YHVH.  Their work is NOT Holy at all.

Anyone who gives money to a Charlatan like Michael Rood and also Arthur Bailey will be found with blood on their hands at The Judgment if they do not stop supporting them and call upon them to REPENT of their dirty deeds.  I only know of blatant Sabbath breaking, what else do they do behind closed doors?

Their ministries are never ending money grabs, of tithes and offering, and do not resemble the ministry of God’s Son at all.  Yeshua/Jesus ministered on the streets, as did his disciples and Apostles, and millions of people followed them and became disciples of YHVH and His Son.

Tithes are for true ministry works in the streets taking care of orphans, widows, homeless, unfortunate’s, prisoners, not for endless cameras and studio equipment, and broadcast related money pits!

WHY do these Charlatans spend your tithes, offerings, and gifts on cameras, studios, and broadcasts and never ending please for money and never ending emails of sales of store products instead of taking to the streets like Yeshua/Jesus did and building real assemblies instead of video camera facades?

You are ALL Watchmen and Watchwomen over The Whole House of Israel, and charged with keeping The House and warning anyone who claims The Covenant to repent of evil behaviors.

I charge you all who read this to repent and call upon these charlatans Michael Rood and Arthur Bailey to repent and resign as valid ministers of THE LAW of YHVH and stop leading The People astray into breaking YHVH’s Sabbath and other Commandments.


Marshall Swing


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Table of Contents