What My Name Means – Hebrew Understanding

Most people who hear my name find it to be a very attractive, unusual name.

Marshall Swing.

And when they learn my full name, they are equally struck that it is a very, very, unusual name and rightly so as no one in the entire world has my full name and only 1-2 other people in the world have the name “Marshall Swing”.

I did not come into the understanding of what my name means until somewhere in early 2012 and quite by “accident”.

I was reading the scriptures and came across “The Song of Moses” and it popped into my head that Song in this case means Swing.  Swing has always been an interesting name, particularly since I am a singer songwriter musician, was trained in college and have a performance degree in Trombone as well as a teaching degree in Music Education.  Jazz was always a part of my life from the time I picked up a trombone in the 6th grade until now.  During high school, my mother sent me to take a few piano lessons. But that did not last long as money was tight and lessons seemed expensive.  However, I continued teaching myself piano through high school and took a couple of basic courses in it in college as required.  But the one thing I did on my own in high school and college was play pop and jazz music from piano books and professional “fake” books so I learned harmonies of all types.  In my sophomore year in music school, I took a semester of vocal lessons as I had started singing in remote practice rooms where nobody could hear me and I knew I needed to learn how to vocalize and build a strong voice in order to be effective singing while playing piano.  I had very good air support due to my playing a wind instrument but using the body for vocal work is far different in terms of relaxing to be able to move throughout range of notes without tension which hurts the larynx and causes nodules on the vocal chords, which I did develop.

I became pretty good at crafting a song and making it mine.  I became so good at it that by the time I had graduated university with my degrees, my heart was not in playing the bass trombone (and I was an extremely good trombonist having won several awards, another story) anymore but in delivering songs to people’s ears. Â

After graduate school, I moved to the North East to Wilmington, Delaware/Philadelphia area and played piano bars as a singer piano player and had my own jazz pop group we did dance jobs with at larger venues while during the day I worked as a carpenter building houses.  The little skills you pick up along the way!  That’s also another interesting story for another time!

I was semi successful as a piano bar player but the height of the recession was on and work was drying up.  I moved back to North Carolina and entered the U.S. Air Force to become a pilot but that is also another story for another time…

Swing music is a style of song that always appealed immensely to me as it had great rhythm and feel. Â Having a last name of Swing, musicians I met throughout the years could hardly believe it was really my birth name and I think some were envious of it as I could walk into a club, give the manager my spiel and sometimes get hired on my name alone and fast talking abilities.

Richard was my father’s first name.  I was always a great fan of history and excelled at it and found history very interesting and enlightening.  Any simple review of the name Richard in conjunction with history shows us Richard was a special name of Kings.  Just do a Google and see what comes up:


To this day, I do not know how my grandparents names my father Richard but hopefully I will ask him if he knows. Â My father was just a father giving his son his name.

Marshall has always been a very unique name and very few people are named Marshall. Â It is extremely interesting that most people name Marshall tend to excel at the things they do and such is the case with me and everything that I choose to do whether in the fields of the arts or in mathematics. Â So my left brain and right brain go full blast, all the time!

I remember in High School looking up the name Marshall after my French teacher said my French name was Marcel and found the etymology goes back to French (Marcel) and means “steward”, among other many other impressive traits:




When people see my name Marshall they usually think of something governmental and that is not far from the truth:Â http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/marshal

…high official…general officer…charge of prisoners…ministerial officer…administrative head…

So, all that alone and the fact very few people are given the name of Marshall is unique enough and I went from the early 1970s with that knowledge in my mind until 2012.

Back to the original story…

There I sat reading The Song of Moses and suddenly SONG and KING stick out like a sore thumb.  The next thing I do is a search on “Marshall Hebrew meaning” and the results are and will determining the future of every man, woman, and child who considers themselves a follower of YHVH, on the planet.

That’s a heady statement, to say the very least and will be explained in time!

The search reveals: http://www.my-hebrew-name.com/marshall-uziela-15102.html

Alarm bells went off in my head, instantly!!!

When I became a “Christian” in late Summer 1975, it was after having read the Bible through from start to finish and in Romans realizing I have to give God my life and all that I do or I did not belong to Him.

I have a near photographic memory. Â Reading at 300 words a minute I retain about 95%+ of everything I read and that was from tests done in secondary school.

So, as soon as I saw Uziela I knew exactly what that meant from having read the entire Bible many times and it was emblazoned in my memory, at least from 1974/1975, and perhaps much longer.

(My Hebrew Name: Marshall in Hebrew =Â uziela)

Aaron had an uncle Uzziel:

“Then Moses called Mishael and Elzaphan, the sons of Uzziel the uncle of Aaron, and said to them, “Come near, carry your brethren from before the sanctuary out of the camp.”
Leviticus 10:4

Aaron and Moses are brothers.  So, the nephew of Uzziel is Moses.  YHVH has a funny way of putting things in scripture that makes no sense until the time He grants the understanding.

Therefore, my name in Hebrew is “Moses Song” or “King Moses Song”.

There are many, many other items/instances that confirm to me who I am.

And for the purposes of YHVH, apparently, and the end of this age/Daniel’s70thWeek they are one and the same.  So, I say “I AM” says I am Moses.  And YHVH has since confirmed this to me many times.

Now all who would follow YHVH have to deal with this fact.  YHVH has sent His Servant in these last days to lead His followers into the Wilderness of Revelation 12.

They will go into the Wilderness of Revelation 12 (where I live today) in very much the same way they left Egypt, crossed the Red Sea, and went into Arabia to Mt. Sinai. Â But this time they will not be walking through the desert and the mountain passes nor across a dry sea bed. Â This time those elements are symbolic of their lives and what they have been through on the long journey of OBEDIENCE to be sons and daughters of YHVH.

And as for the latter half of Daniel’s 70th Week, well, you know how Revelation 11 reads!

There is way more there that is not written in Daniel and Revelation than meets the eye because these things go on for 1260 days (and a little more).

These things go one for more than 7 years but in Revelation we are given just enough scripture and heads so that we know what to look for and how to prepare. Â Revelation and Daniel are not roadmaps unless one knows how to read them.

The Bible is a guide not and end all and tell all. Â Any 5th grader who reads the Bible realizes there was far more that happened than is written.

The non-written parts are the result of YHVH’s Spirit working itself out in the lives of His Followers.  It is the same now as it is then.

The caveat is everything that works itself out has to agree with the written scriptures.

If I, The Servant of YHVH, were to ever say something contrary to YHVH’s written Law and His commandments throughout the scriptures, then I would be subject to the curses of disobedience which are manifest so that all can come into right relationship with YHVH or be marked for eternal damnation.

That is why, I, The Servant of YHVH, proclaim his Word and do nothing contrary to it, and if I do unintentionally do something contrary to it then I very quickly repent and move forward…


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