How the Modern Day Moses Got His Name

I was born in 1956 on October 24th, in the town of Watertown, NY.

Both the biblical Moses and this Moses, one and the same, have water associated with their infancy.

I was given my name in 1956 by parents who knew nothing or extremely little about the Bible.

There is no memory I have of my parents ever opening a Bible at home or instructing us to read it or them teaching us from it. The only thing I remember is sometimes praying before meals.

However, my mother’s father was a leading, founding member of his Baptist church and built it with his own hands and money in Ramseur, North Carolina. But, I never had any indication, whatsoever, that he knew much at all about the Bible and it was never discussed in any way, shape, or form during the many, many times we visited him there near Ramseur not many miles away from where I grew up in Asheboro, NC and Thomasville, NC. As a kid visiting my grandfather on weekends and summer vacations, I do remember always going t o the little Baptist church on Sunday mornings:

My Father is a retired Civil Engineer and homebuilder, likes building things, working several crossword puzzles a day, reading all day long and at the age of 87 works out every day, walks a mile and lifts light weights and does calisthenics. He gave me his name, Richard, and the name of his brother Marshall Lawrence Swing (who died at the young age of 18 of appendicitis).

Their last names were Swing, which is shown to come from the German name Schwiing.

My mother was the musician in the family, a concert piano player by the way, so I got a lot of left brain and right brain in the genetic transaction.

I was born in upstate New York in a town called Watertown, NY where my father was working on Interstate Highways as jobs in North Carolina for surveyors and engineers were scarce at the time. Imagine that, the modern day Moses being born in a place called watertown (drawn from water Exodus 2:10)

There are many more parallels and confirmations to me and that guy Moses you read about in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Daniel 10-12, who an actor Charlton Heston played played in a movie about me, a few years back.

So, now you get to get a vague idea of how all this is going to work out leading up the return of Messiah and to the New Millennium

YHVH sends his 2 Witnesses in the Last Days to lead His People into the Wilderness of Revelation 12 and then they perform what is written in Revelation 11.

The Second Exodus is coming soon. Read about the first one in Exodus 12. Read about the Second Exodus in Revelation 12. Read more about Moses in Daniel 10-12.

Funny thing about YHVH, He can do literally anything…

Shalom always, and many Shabbat Shalom’s to come!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents